©2018 K.R.Wuller

©2018 K.R.Wuller

Mouse and Coffee is committed to supporting empathy-first connection, and supporting children's unique, real developmental needs so they can grow feeling secure, loved, understood and well-guided.

We are students as much as we are guides, growing alongside our children, learning through mistakes, repair and apology as well as through observation, reflection and study. By sharing research and experience, by encouraging networks of mutual support, and through spirited discussion, Mouse and Coffee aims to assist parents, caregivers and educators in developing their own robust toolkits that will help their children grow up into respectful, thoughtful empathic adults.


I'm a mother, a researcher, a former teacher, a former newspaper editor, and a peaceful parenting advocate. It's hard to find out the latest in ways to support your little mouse, so I created Mouse and Coffee as a gathering spot for goings-on in research, supportive techniques, and conscious parent camaraderie. We are here for each other, and we are all still learning! I hope to trade tips with you at a local parenting talk, and on our Facebook page!  —Sedda

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