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Bright & Quirky Child Summit

Host Debbie Steinberg Kuntz, LMFT, founded Bright & Quirky to support parents of twice exceptional kids (2E kids are gifted, with learning differences).

Join Kuntz, and 28 leading experts, in a week-long online summit to help your uniquely wired child be successful, confident and engaged in the world.

A few of the speakers include: Temple Grandin, Dan Siegel, Ross Greene, Laura Markham, local OT Olivia Martinez Hauge, Patty Wipfler, Debbie Reber and MORE.

Summit Topics include:

• Understanding Your Uniquely Wired Child

• Managing Emotional Intensity, Meltdowns and Behavior

• Navigating School and Learning Challenges

• Managing Social Challenges and Building Community

• Increasing Focus, Motivation and Executive Function

• Calming Stress, Anxiety and Perfectionism

• Parenting Complex Bright and Quirky Kids

Register here. The summit is free if you watch within the timeframe.