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Parenting Your Tween - Hold On and Let Go - Sarah Rosensweet

Meet virtually once a week, for four weeks, with Peaceful Parenting coach Sarah Rosensweet with only five other classmates. Includes recordings of the classes  so you can revisit any time. Begins May 9 at 8pm EST (which is 5pm PST. I know: a little challenging.). Cost $197usd. 

Modules include: Psychological development, Belonging and family connection, Detting limits while encouraging independence, Coaching rather than managing.

From her site:

"You will learn how to navigate the struggles and big feelings (your child’s AND yours) of the tween years. You’ll learn how to stay close to your child and help them grow into independence.

"There are so many concerns now: staying safe in the cell-phone-social-media-peer-pressure vortex, self-esteem issues, self-care (showers! healthy diets!)

"You wonder what to let go of, what to insist on, and exactly HOW you’re supposed to get them to be cooperative and responsible humans/family members without power struggles and fighting?

"Where do these big feelings (can you say drama queen?!) come from and what do you do about them?"