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Birds and Bees in the Online World


Even with parental safeguards and restrictions, most children will eventually go online to find out more about sex. What they encounter will influence how they think about love and relationships.

In this 75-minute online class ($37) with Susan Stiffelman, MFT and sex educator Amy Lang, you will learn how to make sure YOU (and not the internet!) are your kids' go-to birds and bees expert!

While they will be addressing ways to keep children safe from inappropriate content online, they will also be covering the basics: General strategies for talking to your kids about sex, including when to start these conversation. (Hint: It's much sooner than you may think!)

Suitable for parents of children of all ages.

You’ll discover:

• Simple ways to keep your kids safe and healthy online

• How to age-appropriately talk with your kids about things they’ll see (or look for) in the online world

•  Tips for making the talks easy, fun, and actually happen

• How to make it safe for your children to turn to you when they need guidance

• Why we need to teach kids to tune into and trust their inner compasses as they navigate the online world

Note: The class is live but you can watch the replay over and over and over, so don't worry about the timing too much.