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The Way of the Mindful Parent Online Conference (free) — Happily Family

Expert Advice To Calm Your Child’s Feelings and Solve Behavior Challenges, So You Can Enjoy Parenting: an online, global and completely free conference for the whole week of the event.

Whether we are a parent or a professional who works with kids, all of us need support to do the best we can for the little people in our lives—the "It takes a village" cliché is true!

So, Cecilia and Jason Hilkey of Happily Family have gathered together the “village elders” for you...again! Just a few of the 24 speakers:

Dr. Daniel Siegel (Psychiatrist, Author of the "Whole Brain Child" and "The Yes Brain")

Dr. Laura Markham (Psychologist, Author of "Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids")

Dr. Mark Bertin (Pediatrician, Author of "How Children Thrive")

Dr. Lynyetta Willis (Psychologist, Author of "My Forgotten Self")

Jessica Lahey (Educator, Author of "The Gift of Failure")

Dr. Christopher Willard (Psychologist, Author of "Raising Resilience")

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