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Positive Parenting Conference—A Fine Parent

Hosted by Sumitha Bhandarkar of A Fine Parent.

Before we have kids, none of us really think about the nuts and bolts of effective parenting. And after we have kids, who has the time?

What if some of the top experts (who are also parents, and authors of popular books for parents) came to you, at yourconvenience and shared their best tips?

Between May 1st - 10th, 20 expert book authors with years of research, clinical and personal experience are coming together to help you tune up your parenting skills, for FREE.

Speakers include: Rebecca Eanes, Laura Markham, Patty Wipfler, Lenore Skenazy, Peter Gray, Katie Hurley, Tina Payne Bryson, and many more!

The 20 talks are spread out over 10 conference days with 4 new talks added every other day, and a FREE bonus catch-up day in between. No matter where you are or how busy your schedule is, you should be able to catch all the talks you are interested in. So go ahead, watch them anytime, anywhere and in any timezone! Earlybird purchase of all talks $67 by April 30.

We bring the conference to you! We will send you an email every day with that day's talks. You can view them from the comfort of you home. In your pajamas. With no makeup on. While eating a tub of decadent chocolate ice cream. Or not. Your call.

Sumitha Bhandarkar of

Sumitha Bhandarkar of