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Child Development with Ms. Molly - 5

  • A Place to Create 3137 Glendale Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90039 United States (map)

Child Development with Ms. Molly — $35, payable on the website

"My intention with these workshops is to offer a time and space to deepen our understanding of child development, our powers of observation, and to heighten our consciousness. With an understanding of child development, we are more keenly aware of what we can offer our children that will meet their capacities rather than frustrate or overwhelm them. With our powers of observations, we will be able to understand our children’s behavior, to offer them what they really need in that moment. And, with our striving for deeper consciousness we can be present for our children, saying what we really mean to say, asking for what we want, and living with our loved ones in consciousness and present way."

5/23/18 Nurturing Trust

Our children must trust us. They must trust that we are taking care of them in the best way we know how. How do we form and nurture trust in our relationships with our children. During this Class we will discuss the importance of children's trust in the grown-ups around them. We will discuss the importance of nurturing a Childs independence while they still feel and trust the adults around them. 

Lets examine trusting relationships that we experience and uncover the ingredients of a trusting relationship that we want to nurture with our children.

More on Ms. Molly and A Place to Create:

Molly has opened her studio A PLACE TO CREATE to provide an opportunity to bring the community together through creativity.  Create offers a child-centered curriculum, based on the Waldorf picture of the developing child, and creative child development. This means the daily rhythm of the child is built on carefully chosen activities that nurture the whole child: the physical, emotional, social and creative development of your child.  Growth and exploration are the objective of the activities so that it is the act of “doing” of being engaged that matters. All children can thrive in the classes offered at A Place to Create. Sometimes quickly, sometimes gradually, and there is no judgment-attached to the children as they develop at A Place to Create.

A Place to Create is committed to nurturing the creative spirit for all, creating a space that is non-judgmental - where the process of creation is nurtured and the products that are created are loved because we made them.